17-Feb-07: After a great Marillion Weekend and a new album coming out I had to up-date the site some more

1-Aug-04: Finally another update, I have some vacation right now, so I will spend some time
to get this site up-to-date again. I added the new single don't hurt yourself. I will try to catch up on the FRC releases (except the last one, my subscibtion has not been extended due to some financial problems).

19-Apr-04: The release of the new single: here is all the info so far.

1-Apr-04: Well it's been a while, I've been very busy (not with Marillion, sorry). And I will start updating the ASCII versions for the April issue when the single and album are released. Marbles has been added.

1-Oct-03: I've uploaded the latest ASCII releases. Also uploaded 2 weeks ago the Latest FRC
release and the latest DVDs. The page for the Best of CD has to wait I have problems playing
The Copy Control thing on my DVD/CD-player.

1-Aug-03: Added Latest FRC release, I have to wait for next week when my Best of CD and 2 latest DVD hopefully arrive.

3-Jul-03: Well I've uploaded the latest ASCII releases. Also added a few other items last 3 months that are not listed in this news page. Here is what was added: Racket Samplers: AWOL & View from the Balcony Front Row Club: FRC013 Also updated The Making of Brave (the new artwork)


You can get the full ASCII Versions of my Discography here.
Current Version: V2.32 (dated: 1 October 2003):

Marillion with Fish Discography

Marillion with Steve Hogarth Discography

Fish Solo Discography

Marillion outside Project / Samplers

All known Marillion vinyl bootlegs

All known Marillion CD bootlegs

All known Marillion DVD's and Videos

List of Variations Marillion with Fish Period


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