You're Gone

Released by Intact Records: 19 April 2004


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5" CD Single
United Kingdom : (INTACT) CDINTACT1
Netherlands : (INTACT) CDINTACT1 (BarCode: 5037300650159)
You're Gone 04:04 Single Mix
Faith 04:00 Live - 14 March 2003:
Butlins - Minehead, England
When I Meet God 04:44 Spirit Away Remix
Total Time 12:50  
5" CD Single
United Kingdom : (EMI) CXINTACT1 (BarCode: 5037300650197)
You're Gone 04:05 Single Mix
The Damage 04:37 Album Version
Total Time 08:42  
5" DVD Single
United Kingdom : (INTACT) CDVDINTACT1
Netherlands : (INTACT) CDVDINTACT1 (Bar Code: 5037300651989)
All audio:1536 Kbps (LPCM 2.0); This DVD is not CD-player compatible.
You're Gone 04:05 Audio: Single Mix
You're Gone 06:27 Audio: Album Version
Quartz 08:39 Audio: Dreamtime Remix
You're Gone 04:04 Video: Single Mix
EPK 12:14 Video: Band interviews


All MUSIC written by Marillion
Lyrics by Mr.h

You're Gone (all mixes)
The Damage
Faith (Live) RECORDED by Dave Meegan, MIXED by Michael Hunter
Live at Marillion Weekend 2003
Assistant Engineer: Roderick Brunton
When I Meet God REMIXED by Robert de Fresnes for Distinctive Music Limited.
Quartz REMIXED by Cameron Lasswell From the forthcoming Anoraknophobia remix album 'Remixomatosis'
Video tracks PRODUCED & DIRECTED by THE boom boom BOYS.

All songs by Hogarth/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley
Published by knowmorepublishing

Representation: Lucy Jordache

Photography and Graphic Design
by Carl Glover for alaph

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The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Intact Recordings.
(p) 2004 Intact Recordings (c) 2004 Intact Recordings
Made in England.

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