Warm Wet Circles

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Warm Wet Circles - Track Info

  1. Album version (04:25) [Clutching At Straws (1987)]
  2. 7" version (04:23) [7", 12", SCD Warm Wet Circles (1987)]
  3. Live (St. Goar, Germany - "Freilichtbuhne Loreley", July 18th '87) (04:19) [Live At Loreley (1987)]

    Notes: 1) and 3) are joined to Hotel Hobbies (which comes before) and That Time Of The Night (which comes after). In 2): added backing vocals in some verses, some more small effects and it ends with a brief piano finale. 1) and 2): additional backing vocals by Tessa Niles. Live version follows studio version, with additional backing vocals by Cori Josias.

    Lyrics by Derek William Dick (Fish)
    Performed Live for the first Time: December 27th 1986

    Published by Marillion Music, Charisma Music Publishing Co. Ltd.

Warm Wet Circles - The Lyrics

On promenades where drunks propose to lonely arcade mannequins
where ceremonies pause at the jewelers shop display
feigning casual silence in strained romantic interludes
till they commit themselves to the muted journey home
And the pool player rests on another cue
Last nights hero picking up his dues
a honeymoon gambled on a ricochet
she's staring at the brochures at the holidays
chalking up a name in your hometown
standing all your mates to another round
laughing at the world till the barman wipes away
the warm wet circles, the warm wet circles

I saw teenage girls like gaudy moths a classrooms shabby butterflies
flirt in the glow of stranded telephone boxes;
planning white lace weddings from smeared hearts
and token proclamations, rolled from stolen lipsticks
across the razored webs of glass
Sharing cigarettes with experience with her giggling jealous confidantes,
she faithfully traces his name with quick bitten fingernails
through the tears of condensation that'll cry through the night
as the glancing headlights of the last bus
kiss adolescence goodbye

In a warm wet circle
Like a mothers kiss on your first broken heart, a warm wet circle
Like a bullit hole in Central Park, a warm wet circle
and I'll always surrender to the warm wet circles

She nervously undressed in the dancing beams of the Fidra lighthouse
giving it all away before it's too late
She'll let a lovers tongue move in a warm wet circle
giving it all away and showing no shame
She'll take a mother's kiss on her first broken heart
a warm wet circle, she'll realise that she played her part
in a warm wet circle

(the Quarterdeck, North Berwick)

Teenage War Brides

Part of an Uncompleted Lyric

It was a wedding ring, destined to be found in a cheap hotel
lost in a kitchen sink or thrown in a wishing well

Copyright 1997 Fraser Marshall, Matthew Anderson & Bert ter Steege.

Warm Wet Circles

Debbie Voller: WARM WET CIRCLES (The Quarterdeck Bar, North Berwick - one of Fish's old haunts) Fish: This song's about small, hometown stuff; the dangers of getting trapped in the 9.00 to 5.00 syndrome and then going down to the pub and talking about things you'll never really do, y'know, "I'd love to drive a Cadillac across America or backpack over the Himalayas". And the local hero's the best darts' player and you marry the girl you met in the pub at 16. Torch goes back to his old haunts and sees how he used to be and it scares him. And he watches all the drunks in the bar late at night tracing the circles from their glasses with their fingers - alcoholics always do that!

'Bullet hole in Central Park'
Ex Beatles, Ex heroin addict, ex alcoholic, John Winston Lennon was shot dead by crazed 'fan' Mark Chapman, 8 December. Lennon was just returning to his appartment overlooking New York's Central Park. At the time of his death, he was about to release a new album that looked set to rehabilitate him after years in the wilderness, and was back on speaking terms with Paul McCartney after many years' estrangement.

'Fidra Lighthouse'
From Jeroen Schipper's FAQ: Fidra is a small rocky island just off the coast of East Lothian (East of Edinburgh, Scotland). There is a nature reserve on this part of the coast and is the type of place that people go "to be together" and alone. It's a beautiful area. There is a small automatic lighthouse on the island.


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