Ian Mosley & Ben Castle - Postmankind

Released by Racket Records: 16-Apr-2001


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CD UK : Racket Records: RACKET 16

1 Someday in May
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
07:39 Steve Hackett: Guitar solo
2 Glass Eye
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
04:16 John Etheridge: Guitar
3 The Continuing Adventures of Colonel Svene
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
06:08 Steve Rothery & John Etheridge: Guitar battle
Mike Lovatt: Trumpets
Mike Innes: Trombones
4 The Flying Scroll
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
06:06 Steve Rothery, John Etheridge, Steve Hackett: Guitar
5 Any Time
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
04:25 Mike Lovatt: Trumpets
Mike Innes: Trombones
John Etheridge: Guitar solo
Mark Edwards: Hammond solo
6 Why me?
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
05:45 John Etheridge, Steve hackett : Guitar
7 Postmankind
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
04:52 Mike Lovatt: Trumpets
Mike Innes: Trombones, Euphonium solo
Steve Rothery: Guitar solo
8 The Viewpoint
(Music: Ben Castle)  (p) 2001
07:36 Steve Rothery & John Etheridge: Guitar
Mark Edwards: Rhodes solo
Total Time 46:51


All Tracks
Ian Mosley: Drums
Ben Castle: Saxophones, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute
Pete Trewavas: Bass
Mark Edwards: Keyboards

All music composed and arranged by Ben Castle

Produced by Ben Castle & Ian Mosley

Recorded by Stewart Every at the Racket Club, Buckinghamshire
January - April 2000

Mastered by Denis Blackham at Country Masters

Album design by Erik Nielsen at Wing Net Music
Photography by Rachel Payne
Extreme patience by Colin price
Band Photography by Andy Rotherham

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