CD bootlegs

(All Pages Are linked to Jeroen Schippers Bootleg pages, he had done a great Job with them, so there is no need for me to do that all over again, Thanks Jeroen.)

11-NOV-89 Plenty Of Fish In The Sea - UK, London, Town & Country Club *
Various Good Company - Various tracks from '90-92
10-MAR-90 In the Company of Freaks - The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy *
20-MAR-90 Live Germany '90 - Germany, Hamburg, CCH3
02-APR-90 Hammersmith Live (2CD) - UK, London, Hammersmith Odeon
26-OCT-91 No Place for Children - The Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli *
26-OCT-91 Virgil - The Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli
26-OCT-91 Forgotten Songs - The Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli + extra tracks from Marillion with Steve Hogarth +
03-NOV-91 Zurich Volkshaus (2CD) - Switzerland, Zurich, Volkshaus
17-DEC-91 The Bagpipe Disaster - The Netherlands, Utrecht, Vredenburg *
17-DEC-91 Haddington Convention (2CD) - UK, Haddington, Corn Exchange
15-NOV-91 There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Fish - UK, Nottingham, Royal Center *
05-DEC-91 Live in Holland - The Netherlands, Utrecht, Vredenburg
18-DEC-91 Lucky Bastards - The Netherlands, Geleen, De Hanehof
31-DEC-91 Edinburgh Playhouse (2CD) - UK, Edinburgh, Playhouse
23-JUN-92 Raw Meat (2CD) - Germany, Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
25-JUN-92 Fishing all over the world - Germany, Ulm, Gorki Park Festival +
15-MAR-93 Take a View from the Hill - France, Paris, Le Zenith
15-MAR-93 External Inside (2CD) - France, Paris, Le Zenith
31-MAR-93 A Voice in the Crowd Part 1 - Germany, Ludwighaven, Forum *
* = Bootleg CD's I own
+ = I've got these titles on CD-R

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