Bound up in this energy ball again
Laughing and bouncin’ off the magic
Rollin under like a surfboard in a wave
Washin me up ...I want to do it again

Entwined in her arms
Spinning around and submarine beneath the deep of her
Climbing the forks of the lightning
Building a rod for my back it’s allright, it’s allright

Dreamin a dream that only the sleepless know
Chilling the afternoon in "Viva Vida"
Watchin the sun slide down the avenue
So real...

I feel...
Dizzy to fever with this love
The blues and the greys are waved away inside a day with her
Riding the forks of the lightning
Feeling the sparks along my back it’s allright it’s allright

I thought I was born to take and to damage
But I’m giving and healing and feeling
Ultramarine and Ultraserene
Climbing the forks of the lightning
She told me today it’ll be okay it's allright
it’s allright

I’m a submarine in this ocean

Last Modified: 27 Jul 2000