Into the Electric Castle

Released by Transmission Records: 05 September 1998

Ayreon: Into the Electric Castle


2 CD Europe: TM-014 (8 712488 994659)

Disc 1:
01. Welcome to the New Dimension (03:05) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
02. Isis and Osiris
  a) Let the Journey begin
  b) The hall of Isis and Osiris
  c) Strange Constellations (instrumental)
  d) Reprise
(11:11) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen
Lyrics: Fish]
03. Amazing Flight
  a) Amazing Flight in Space
  b) Stardance
  c) Flying Colours
(10:15) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen
Lyrics: J van Feggelen]
04. Time Beyond Time (06:05) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
05. The Decision Tree (We're alive) (06:24) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen
Lyrics: Fish]
06. Tunnel of Light (04:05) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen
Melody-line for the 'Egyptian' by A. Van Giersbergen
Lyrics: Fish]
07. Across the Rainbow Bridge (06:20) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen].
Disc 2:
  a) Amazing Flight in Space
  b) Stardance
  c) Flying Colours
(09:40) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
02. Valley of the Queens (02:25) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
03. The Castle Hall (05:49) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
04. Tower of Hope (04:54) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
05. Cosmic Fusion
  a) I Soar on the breeze
  b) Death's grunt
  c) The passing of an eagle
(07:27) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
06. The Mirror Maze
  a) Inside the mirror maze
  b) Through the mirror
(06:34) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
07. Evil Devolution (06:31) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
08. The Two Gates (06:28) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
09. "Forever" of the Stars (02:02) [Music: A.A.Lucassen
Lyrics: P.Daltrey]
10. Another Time, Another Space (05:20) [Music/Lyrics: A.A.Lucassen]
Total Time:

Fish plays the role of 'Highlander' and does part of the vocals on tracks 2, 5 & 6 of Disc 1.


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